A scary story about beaver faces.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's tell scary stories, because it's almost Halloween time! On the radio this morning, they were talking about childhood fears. Mostly the irrational, absurd ones. For example, one guy called in and said that when he was a kid and his dad put the car in park, but left it running, he was terrified it was going to roll away. Which is maybe not such a ridiculous fear.

Myself? I was terrified, TERRIFIED, of beaver faces in my quilt. I had this patchwork quilt on my bed, made up of different squares of patterned fabric. NOT ONE BEAVER, mind you, but one night, I was laying there in the semidark trying to fall asleep, staring at the quilt, and I imagined one of the squares had a beaver face in it.

Cue shitfit. I started screaming bloody murder. My parents came flying in the room thinking I was being abducted. I was hyperventilating, but eventually managed to make them understand that there was a beaver face in my quilt. RIGHT HERE.

They argued: there are no beavers on this quilt. There are no animals, period. No groundhogs, no muskrats, no gophers, no beavers. Beavers don't even have scary faces. I can see if it was like, a spider, or a shark face, but a beaver face is not remotely frightening.

In the end, my parents flipped the quilt around so the alleged "beaver face" was hidden and down by my feet. Great problem solving...so now it's down where I can't see it. And it's going to rip my feet off with those beaver teeth.

What were you afraid of?

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  1. Bahaha! When I would stay at my aunt and uncle's in PEI as a kid, my brother invoked terrible fear in me: WATER BUGS. He said that they would crawl in my nose and ears and mouth, and for some reason, I was bloody gaddang terrified. He had me convinced that the water bugs were in the walls of the laundry room there. Which was in the basement. Where I slept. I would cry sooo much and my cousin said it was fine if the door was closed. I still made her sleep in the bed with me for a couple nights. Awful. haha

  2. Amy, I am not joking... I have a vivid and painful memory of being a very young girl and waking up in the middle of the night to a hissing sound in my room. I lifted my pillow and there was a SNAKE rolled up like a cinnamon roll under my pillow... To this day I say there was a snake, but my parents insist I was imagining things because when they came running in there was nothing there. How do you explain that, or the beaver face!? It's amazing your mind can play such crazy tricks on you!

    1. OK that snake story is TERRIFYING! It seems really realistic...like not something you'd imagine...but if Eli told me there was a snake in his bed I'd tell him it was his imagination for sure. Scary!!