Thanksgiving Thoughts

Friday, October 07, 2016

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. I love the Christmas season, but when it comes to the actual "big day", I think Thanksgiving takes the cake...or should I say, TAKES THE PIE? TAKES THE PUMPKIN PIE? AMIRITE? Food, family, football, fall - almost all my favourite F words in one day. Plus, there's apple picking, and there are no gifts to purchase. It's the ultimate no-pressure holiday. Christmas can be a bit of a shitshow in between spending a million dollars (something I hope to curb this year - more on that later) and a ton of family obligations and running around all over hell's creation.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's talk about what we're thankful for this year? OK I'LL GO FIRST.

1. Family is always, always number one. This year we grew our little family with the arrival of Henry Lawrence in June, and now our crew is complete. I'm thrilled to have two gorgeous, funny, smart, and sweet little boys making me laugh every day, and I'm grateful to have a handsome and hilarious man raising them with me. I love these three more than life. Also under "family" I count my wonderful extended fam, friends, neighbours, and colleagues - my life is better because these people are in it!

2. Health and Fitness - I'm thankful that myself and my boys are all healthy and strong. This year we've made a really big effort to make sure we're feeding our family as healthfully as possible - organic food, whole foods, minimal packaged junk - as well as getting lots of physical activity and prioritizing sleep. It's not always exciting to go to bed at 10pm but feeling good the next day makes it worthwhile. "Fitness" is a tricky word, because at three months postpartum I'm definitely not in the best shape of my life and am hardly a beacon of fitness or anything, but I'm grateful I have the opportunity to move and be active and improve every day.

3. A job I love - I'm on maternity leave right now, but I find myself missing work and missing my coworkers. I think this is a testament to having a job I truly enjoy. I'm happy that I'm sad about not working. I'm grateful to have a job I'm actually excited to go back to, and to work with people I genuinely like. I'm also thankful to have the choice to take this time off to spend with Henry. Many moms don't have that choice.

4. Fun things - wine, eight consecutive hours of sleep at night, Netflix, the Texture app, two cups of good coffee every morning, pizza on Fridays, long walks with a new podcast to listen to, clean sheets, funny texts, baby smell, football Sundays, crockpot lasagna. LUV U GUYS!

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