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Friday, August 07, 2015

Running through the sprinkler is an everyday occurrence these days.
making// I baked my favourite cookies last weekend, and made Thug Kitchen burritos for lunches this week, but other than that, I haven't been in a very "make-y" mood lately. We're building a little stone wall around a flower bed, does that count? (We = Peter). I want to make mussels soon since we had a disastrous restaurant experience with them lately.
eating// corn on the cob, fresh raspberries and zucchini noodles! Not together. Oh, and too much ice cream.
drinking// just lots of water and coffee. Yesterday I had a London Fog which was nice for a change and got me through the afternoon.
reading// Adult Onset by Ann Marie Macdonald
listening to// COMPTON! So great - if you like hiphop go download it immediately. My favourite tracks are Genocide and Satisfiction.
loving// sunshine, running, Old Navy running shorts (I pretty much change immediately into these as soon as I get home from work every day, because I am glamorous round the clock), beach days
hating// 100% humidity - we had a couple days of it earlier this week and it makes it pretty much impossible to sleep, work, etc.
watching// Wet Hot American Summer, Mindy Project, Big Brother
wearing// knee-length dresses or skinny pants with short-sleeved tops for work. Shorts, tanks, and a Red Sox cap on weekends. Flats, every day. Aviators, every day. I have been keeping it super simple this summer and I love it.
planning// a rainy weekend perfect for getting stuff done. Last weekend was beautiful and hot, but it meant we spent all our time at the beach and outside, not the most productive. We have to run some errands and want to start planning our bathroom reno.
anticipating// getting a good night's sleep tonight after a pizza and wine feast.
dreading// going to Sephora this weekend. I need to pick up a couple things, but I hate that store.
working on// work projects plus my side hustle - a monthly column in the Chronicle Herald's Family Matters publication!
feeling// happy, sleepy
wanting// a spa day, a new car, a dalmatian-print blouse (why is this so elusive?)
needing// a massage

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  1. I was planning around rain this weekend too, but the sun is out and my family is talking beach. I can't complain, it would certainly be a nice way to kick off the weekend, but you know when you just need to put on your productive hat? I'm so behind.
    I love your monthly column, how lucky are you to have that outlet!

    1. I feel you! It's so hard to get stuff done when the weather is beautiful, and our summers are so short I want to make the most of them. At least if it's rainy or cloudy, I won't feel like I'm wasting a gorgeous day.

      The column has been a lot of fun!