What up, JULY

Thursday, July 03, 2014

All of a sudden, it's summer. Spring mostly bypassed us, as per usual. I still have my leather gloves and knit headband in the car, yet the humidex is +30. I think I'm still afraid it's going to start snowing at any given moment.

Every summer, I make a list of things I want to do and this year is no exception. Behold the Summer 2014 Bucket List.

[+] "Go to the beach" could be followed by "as often as humanly possible". We were lucky to cram two beach days into this past long weekend, and I'm looking forward to many more. 

[+] Try a new sport: I've been thinking stand-up paddleboarding or, taking it one step further, SUP yoga could be fun. Anyone down? 

[+] Play tennis: Pete and I used to play tennis a lot, but the past few summers we haven't played at all. None of my friends play (that I know of) so it's hard to find a partner...you can't really play tennis by yourself. Maybe this year Eli's big enough to be our ball boy.

[+] See a baseball game: I did get to see the Red Sox and Jays play in April but I'd love to get to another game this summer, even if it's smaller and closer to home. 

[+] Have a picnic: We've kind of already done this at the beach, but I think it would be fun to go to the park for the day with a blanket, a Frisbee, and a fully stocked picnic basket: lemonade, sandwiches, the whole works. 

[+] See a movie: Ideally a movie outside. There are outdoor films being shown around Halifax this summer, which could be fun. But I'm also down for a summer blockbuster on a hot night in a theatre with the AC on blast and an aspartame-filled beverage in my cupholder. Mmm, aspartame. 

[+] Eat fried clams: This happens exactly once a year, because any more than that and you go into instant cardiac arrest. 

[+] Make s'mores: And eat precisely two too many, then spend the rest of the night groaning about being sick. 

[+] Camp out: We did this in June, just Pete and I, but I think it would be fun to take Eli. Even if it's just camping in the backyard. That way, if it's a total disaster, we can go inside and get in bed. And if it's a success, we can add camping trips to our to-do list. 

[+] Take a day trip somewhere new: We have tons of beautiful little villages and hidden gems in Nova Scotia and a lot of them are new to me. I suck at Nova Scotia geography - I can get to the border, the valley, and the beach, and that's about it. There's a lot to explore close to home. 

[+] Go to a water park: Since Jamaica Eli has been clamouring to go to "the water park" - he had SO much fun at the park on our resort. So this is more for his entertainment and less for my own enjoyment.

[+] Be on a boat: Again, we are surrounded by water. It would be a sin to not spend at least a wee bit of time this summer on a (motherf*ckin') boat. 

[+] Have drinks on a patio: We did this on Canada Day at lunch (because what's more patriotic than day drinking with your toddler? For the record, he had milk). There's something fun about a patio date in the summer, a plate of apps and a couple frosty drinks as the sun sets and the lights come on and the weirdos come out. Best people watching opportunity. 

Even as I wrote this post, I thought of new things to add. Read a bunch of books. Go berry picking. Make pie and jam. Eat the perfect mint chip cone. Run a race. Ride a Ferris wheel. It's going to be a busy summer.

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  1. There is SUP Yoga on the lake in our town all summer long. I want to do it but I'm like 38 weeks pregnant. So maybe in August? Or maybe next summer when my balance is back.

    1. Ohhh my balance is awful at the best of times - I can't imagine trying it while pregnant :) Hope you're feeling good and that the next couple weeks go smoothly for you!

  2. I think you may have been the one who inspired me to make a list of my own back in the day, and I'm so grateful. When an opportunity arises to scratch an item off the list, I do it with great pleasure. Like a few weekends ago in Halifax, I made a a huge dent in my bucket list, so I feel the summer is off to a great start...
    Speaking of, we patio hopped on Argyle St and my favorite snack was the California flatbread at Durty's. SO GOOD.
    PS - Come to CB for a weekend, so much to do and see for an adventurous little family!

    1. We haven't been to CB for a few years (I was pregnant at the time actually so Eli's never been) but that's a great suggestion! It feels really far away but it's not at all.

      I love Durty's! Great place to go for a couple pops :)

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