Vacation Rules

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Tuesday, but it's Friday for me. I booked this Wednesday-Friday off, and then Monday is Labour Day, so I have six glorious days off. Vacation starts promptly at 4:30 this afternoon...maaaaaybe 4:15...with a massage appointment and some shopping. We're heading to Boston later this week for a few days and I'm super excited to take Eli to Fenway Park, for a swan boat ride, and shopping on Newbury Street, because that's EXACTLY what toddlers love, being dragged into a bunch of boutiques so mama can get her shop on.

Am I making goals for my vacation? Yes. Am I a crazy lady? Yes, I am.

1. I will not check work email more than twice a day when we're in Canada and zero times in the US. Suck it, roaming charges.
2. I will not freak out when Eli refuses to eat his meals. I won't cry or slam utensils around. Mantra: He is not going to starve to death. 
3. I will work out - but not at the expense of fun time with my family. If Eli's napping at the hotel and Pete's reading or something, yeah, I'll spend 45 minutes in the gym or running around the neighbourhood, but I will not hold up an outing so I can finish a workout.
4. I will relax about bedtimes and naptimes and getting-up times.
5. I will not exceed my cross-border shopping limit.
6. I will say yes. Yes, you can have an ice cream. Yes, we can look at the penguin exhibit longer. Yes, we will buy the $50 photo of Eli hugging the Green Monster.
7. I will not have a crying baby on the plane. Fingers crossed.

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  1. all will be good on the plane. Enjoy your trip

    1. Everything was OK on the plane! Only one mini-meltdown and I felt like having one too, given the circumstances. Had a great time.

  2. Oh man! Boston! One of my favourite cities to visit :)

    I think saying yes on vacation is a pretty good goal; you're on vacation! Why not?


    1. My thoughts exactly! We had a great time!

  3. Eeek! Awesome! Have so much fun!!!