If a stranger saw

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Attempting to put clothes away in one of my overflowing dresser drawers the other day, I thought, for the umpteenth time, "I really, really need to clean out my clothes. If a stranger saw these drawers they'd think I'm a total packrat."

If a stranger saw... 

That got me thinking: If a stranger saw different elements of your life - inside your purse, the trunk of your car, what's in your fridge, what's in your closet - what would they think of you? What would their first impression be? Would it be accurate, or way off base? 

Here's what I think a stranger would assume if they got a peek... 

in my day planner: they'd think I was anal, organized, and very, very busy. I write down every single task I have to do every day and cross it off with a coloured pen when it's complete. It's the only way I can manage my time. 

in my purse: I have two cell phones - one for work and an old one I'm still paying for so I haven't bothered to deactivate the number, because I like paying unnecessary monthly bills, it's cool. So they'd probably assume I'm very busy and important. Truth is I use the old phone to text my family and that's it. I also have about a six years' supply of tampons on me at all times, so they'd think I'm perpetually menstruating. BE PREPARED, I say. Who's not gonna have to Girl Scout an emergency pad out of TP? This girl. 

in my closet: I think people would guess I'm a lot more fashionable than I am. I have lots of pairs of high heels but I rarely wear most of them any more. Ditto dress-up clothes - for the number of formal events I actually go to there are a lot of dresses hanging in the closet. Most days I wear a shirtdress or skinny pants and a top, and almost always flats. 

in my fridge: this is probably the most accurate depiction of me. A little messy but attempting to be organized. Mostly healthy (lots of fruits, veggies, eggs, greek yogurt) but with a few treats thrown in (ice cream and three-cheese Pizza Pops). And there's usually some booze on hand, because you never know when you might need to toast something. 

in my makeup bag: the makeup bag doesn't lie! All that's in there are the essentials I use every day, which probably says that I'm basically doing the bare minimum I need to in order to look semi human, which is totally true. I used to cram in all sorts of eyeshadows and lipsticks and whatnot but spent way too much time rooting around looking for my products every morning. I recommend everybody pare down your makeup bag to just what  you use every single day. Put the special-occasion stuff in a basket and store it in the bathroom. 

What about you? If a stranger had glimpse at your closet, purse, text history, whatever, what assumptions would they make? 

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  1. Closet - hm. Alright. This girl needs to figure out the concept of mix and match.

    Text history - She writes 'lol' and says 'hun' a lot.

    Fridge - She's trying! She needs to stop eating out so much though.

    Purse - Do you really need all this stuff? (Calendar, notebook, wallet, iPod + headphones, make-up bag, tiny little hairbrush, lint roller, cell phone, sunglasses)

    Make up bag - Nice to have back up of everything. (Hello Kitty toothbrush (what up?) toothpaste, perfume rollers, hand sanitizer, rose salve from BBW)

    Day planner - This is something you need to use more frequently. Post-it notes and handwritten to-do lists are jammed in there.

    Haha, fun post. Have a great weekend Amy!

  2. It was interesting for sure! An eye opener - if lightning were to strike me today I'd be mortified by all the stuff they'd find when they came to clean out my things (I'm not even sure who "they" is in this scenario...) NEED a serious purge.