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30 Weeks!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

30 weeks - 31 in one day!
Here's our (very blurry) 30-week picture - 30 weeks and six days, to be exact. We had our monthly checkup yesterday morning - the last of our monthly checkups. They're now switching to every two weeks. So far, all is well in babyland. The baby weighs about three pounds and its head is facing down, its bum is on the right, and footies are on the left. I had thought the bum-bump was its head, so I feel a little bit better now because I've been feeling bad about sleeping on my right side, worrying that I've been putting the poor little thing on its head for hours, soo this comes as a relief.

Physically I feel great and I have no complaints at all. Emotionally I'm a bit of a wreck. We have two months to go. TWO MONTHS. Cycle 17 of America's Next Top Model will still be on and we'll have a baby. I have purchased dairy products with expiry dates that are after my due date. I could be drinking the same coffee creamer I had for breakfast today when I'm a mother, and I won't even get food poisoning. This is not OK. I've never been so excited yet scared for anything, ever.

Staying asleep is starting to become a bit of a thing, in that it never happens for more than a couple hours. Last week Peter brought me a body pillow to help me sleep more comfortably, and it's been a huge help, except it creates this kind of puffy brick wall barrier between us in the bed. Rolling over is a bit of a production where I wake up, decide I want to actually roll over, heft the pillow over myself and then grunt and heave myself over to the other side. Sexy. When I sleep it's this weird straddling/cuddling of the pillow. I can't even see my husband on the other side. I'm going to name the pillow Peter 2. Or Al the Alligator. One of the books I've been reading, The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, likens rolling over late in pregnancy with a body pillow as wrestling an alligator. She's right! I've never wrestled an alligator but I can only assume this is exactly the same.

Here are some other random tidbits from the past week:

Very scientific and to-scale drawing to
show you how the baby is positioned.
-A (presumably) homeless man congratulated me yesterday, which I thought was pretty sweet. At least it was nice in comparison to the douche-lord at Starbucks two minutes earlier, who, the split second I closed my laptop, raced over to my table and asked "Are you leaving?" and then hovered while I packed away my computer and power cord, notebook, phone and water bottle. Seriously, guy. Fuck off somewhere with your frappuccino while I get my act together and waddle out of here.

-The Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Playard was designed to make new parents cry, sit on the floor and question their ability to raise a child when they can't even fold up a playpen successfully. "How was ALL THIS in THAT box??" I wailed. More than once. Soothing comfort? Maybe for baby. Not for us.

-I was practicing putting a stuffed bear into our carseat and if it were a real baby I'd have dislocated his/her arms and potentially crushed his penis (if baby is, in fact, of the penised variety).

-Out for a walk with Pete and the dog last night a car full of hooligans drove by and some 16-year-old screamed out the window at us, "You know that's my kid, right?" Stay classy, Sackville!

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  1. hehe we practiced with a stuffed bear too AND i was analogizing about expiration dates on milk etc when I was getting close lol

    I nearly had a breakdown when I couldn't get the dang pack & play to set up properly - trust me, changing diapers & feeding is easier ;-)

    Very exciting! Can't believe he is nearly 13 months old now!

  2. The playpen is a nightmare!! It's like how dirty clothes take up more room in your suitcase than clean clothes - getting it back in the box is impossible.

  3. I am excited to try with my stuffed bear when I have kids :)

    You look amazing. I'm so happy you aren't feeling icky at all.

  4. That's so funny that you mentioned America's Next Top Model. Everytime I see a commercial for a show that is coming soon - I always tell myself - Wow, I'm going to be far along when that starts and before you know it, the Rachel Zoe project has started & I'm 32 weeks. I measure the weeks in new tv shows starting, is that wrong? Haha.

    Anyway, love our blog!!

  5. FB - I felt so bad trying to get the bear (inanimate soft furry object) into the seat...it's going to be so much harder when it's a kicking, flailing, screeching baby :) Thanks for your kind comments too, we have been very lucky to have such a good pregnancy so far!

    Kelly - I've been doing the same thing so don't worry! I'm just happy there'll be lots to watch over the next few months when I'm huge and don't feel like doing much, and lots to DVR on those long sleepless nights ahead :)

  6. I just died at the "you know that's my kid right?" comment...just awesome and I may yell that at people for fun now. Because I'm an asshole like that :)

  7. You still look SO beautiful!! I'm am completely jealous of your pregnant self!!!

    Do you have a swing and vibrating chair? We put tigger and winnie the pooh in those and turned them on to get Lucy (our dog) used to them moving and whatnot, before we tested with a real, live baby. Now when our girl's in one, she doesn't even bother with it.

  8. Shel - do it, it's pretty funny. We laughed (and then bitched about how kids today are obnoxious and how OF COURSE ours won't be that way ;P)

    Jenilee - we don't have a swing and bouncy chair yet but are registered for both. Getting the dog used to them is a great idea. Any tips you have for getting pets accustomed to having a baby around would be super appreciated! I think Rory's world is about to be turned upside down!