Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[+] make seared scallops with pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings.

[+] get a gym membership to get me through the cold, dark months. Actually wake up early enough to use it every morning before work.

[+] carve a Halloween pumpkin that doesn't look like a 6-year-old's handiwork (how cute are these pumpkin owls? Image borrowed from marthastewart.com).

[+] attend a football game

[+] have a scary movie marathon. Make it through The Exorcist without crying.

[+] visit the spa. Sad that I have to put this on a to-do list like it's some kind of chore.

[+] get a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November--at least 50%.

[+] perform my bridesmaidly duties in my cousin's November wedding and make sure she gets the awesome day she deserves (and bachelorette party!)

[+] eat the top layer of our wedding cake with my hubby on our one-year anniversary and plan something special for him to celebrate our first year MARRIED. October 17 is the big day and I'm in denial that it's been a year.

[+] ride a horse

[+] get winterized: snow tires on, oil change, check antifreeze, buy driveway salt and a snow shovel (GROSS)

[+] finally go to the doctor. I'm only four years overdue, what?

[+] pay car insurance for the year

There you have it--the fun and the not-so-fun. What's on your to-do list this season?

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  1. This is a great list! I love Martha and her Halloween Edition Magazine... plus the owl pumpkin is relatively easy. Hope you get to do all of your items this fall!

  2. I should make a list.

    I'd like to get a massage again for my shoulders but at $100 a pop I'm really not feeling the cost. I might do it in January as a treat.

    My car insurance is coming out on Friday for the year ($300/year)... and I'll be going to the doctor in January I think :) LOL

  3. @Shelley - I think I'm going to attempt an owl but my jack o' lanterns usually look REALLY bad. I'm sure I'll mess up the owl!

    @FB - We have massages covered under our health insurance at work and I never take advantage. I need to start! How is your car insurance so low!? Mine's over $1k a year. Just made my doctor's appointment for Oct. 20...barf...

  4. Dear god that pumpkin/scallop soup sounds AMAZING! And not too hard to make. Going to try that too now!

  5. Your recipes sound absolutely fantastic! Can we add "coming to cook for Emily" to your to-do list? :)

    This season I really want to get Christmas shopping done early too. The wedding's at the beginning of December (I know, people will hate us lol) and I will be le POOR when Christmas actually rolls around!

  6. Oh God those OWL PUMPKINS. My list?

    1. Make owl pumpkin guys.

    2. Accept that eventually I will have to throw them out, lest I start a compost heap in my living room.

  7. Kim - I saw the pumpkin soup in WH this month and about died. I love anything pumpkiny and scallops are one of my favourite foods.

    Emily Jane - Ooooh that is very good incentive to Christmas shop early! But think of all the wedding gifts you'll be able to regift at the holidays ;)

    Racquel - So cute right?! Watching them decompose will double the fun!

  8. Also, I linked to this post on my blog. Just a heads-up. Lemme know if it's not cool!

  9. every time i try to carve a pumpkin i end in tears looking at my failed masterpiece...