what i wore wednesday: 09/26

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love looking at outfit posts on blogs, but I am not a fashion blogger and will never be.

I'm physically incapable of taking a picture of myself and not looking completely uncomfortable and ridiculous. I don't like taking selfies and I don't think I have a particularly good grasp of what's fashionable and what's not.

And yet, I feel like participating in What I Wore Wednesday and showcasing my outfits once a week is a good idea.

See, it's Wednesday, and my TeuxDeux list for today has blog post on it, and I'm sitting here unable to think of any good topics. "There must be some kind of little meme for Wednesday," I think, and remember What I Wore Wednesday. And it's unfortunate that I remembered on this particular Wednesday because my outfit today is as interesting as a bowl of oatmeal. But in the interest of keeping it real, I didn't run for the closet to get changed. This is how I roll, messy hair, chipped nail polish, lack of accessories and all.

I'm on maternity leave (for 37 MORE DAYS!), so when I get dressed I'm thinking of things I can get down on the floor, crawl around, and not flash my infant son in or be too torn up if I get sweet potato smeared into my clothes. Today's schedule included going to Sobey's for groceries and a potential walk when he gets up from his nap, and it's kind of breezy and fall-ish out there.

Sweater: Zellers after-Christmas sales last year (mat leave budget, y'all)
Jeans: Gap 1969 stretch skinnies
Flats: Old Navy
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Nails: Lincoln Park After Dark - my favourite for fall

One of the things I like best about this sweater is that it has elbow patches! See me awkwardly attempt to display my elbow patches without dropping and destroying the camera: 

See? So awkward. 
I hope participating in this What I Wore Wednesday thing will inspire me to actually make a little effort to put together interesting outfits. It should kick up a notch when I head back to work and have to look like a grownup again. 

pleated poppy

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  1. cute and I LOVE the elbow patches! : )

    1. Thank you! Haha I'm glad I didn't awkwardly model my elbows for nothing :)

  2. I love that you decided to share your outfit because YOU'RE FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's kind of nice to have sweater weather again!

  4. Cute sweater! I've never even heard of Zellers though. :)

    1. Zellers is kind of like the Canadian version of Target, but it's in the process of going out of business to make way for the real Target :) Fiiiiinally!!

  5. Love the elbow patches! And I can't believe you are on maternity leave - you look amazing!

    1. Thank you! The elbow patches are pretty fun!